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Pertti Woitsch

Pertti Woitsch
Woitsch Consulting Oy
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00840 Helsinki, Finland
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Pertti Woitsch

Pertti Woitsch is an experienced defence and security industry professional with expertise in management, international sales and marketing as well as in business development. He has over 40 years of experience in demanding positions in innovation-driven electronics and software industry in Finland and abroad. He studied physics and computing at the University of Helsinki. 

For a decade, Pertti has worked as a consultant in the defence and security domain. He has participated in several domestic development and research projects with the Defence Forces, Border Guard, Police Board, Customs and Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority as customers, among others. Pertti has successfully participated in the development of several companies as chairman and member of the board or as a management advisor. At the European level, Pertti Woitsch has participated in a number of R&D projects funded by the European Commission as a coordinator, a consortium member or as an advisor. He is currently advising on five international EU projects.

Pertti has held numerous positions of trust. He acted for six years as a board member of AFDA, being responsible for  internationalization and export tuition of member companies. He was also a member of the SRT committee of the European umbrella organization ASD. He has acted as a mentor and tutor of SMEs in various programs of Tekes (now Business Finland), and chaired the Tekes Security Program Steering Group. Today, Pertti is the chairman of the Sector Forum Security at the European standards organization CEN-CENELEC – the forum that monitors and coordinates the European standardization for societal and citizen security.

In our team, Pertti specializes in EU-funded R&D projects, strategic planning and promotion of international business for SMEs as well as acquisition and analysis of business intelligence. He also advises Finnish companies to plan Industrial Participation projects related to the strategic programs (HXIP and Squadron 2020) of the Finnish Defence Forces.