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Pekka Närväinen

Technology & Business Advisor Pekka Närväinen
Vellamonkatu 22 A
33500 Tampere, Finland
Tel. +358 40 550 3959
pekka.narvainen (at)

Pekka Närväinen

Pekka Närväinen is an experienced industrialist and entrepreneur. He has three decades of experience in defense and security business. Pekka’s areas of expertise include research and innovation, strategic planning as well as sales and marketing. Pekka  is particularly familiar with analysis of operating environment and anticipation of changes. He has been involved in the preparation and implementation of several acquisitions and created new businesses.

Pekka has worked in the field of automation, electronics systems, software design as well as with vehicle and weapon systems, data transfer, ISR systems, target acquisition and system integration in the defense domain. He has been a leading expert in the process of selecting new weapons systems for the armed forces. Pekka was the leader of the Defence Forces Unmanned Systems Technology Program 2003-2007 and Chairman of the National Security Steering Group of the Tekes Security Program 2007-2013.

Pekka has been involved in European defense and security research and development through his participation in the CapTech Expert Group of four EDA R&T activities. He has been active in developing a common European defence through the European Defence Fund (EDF), incl. Joint Research Initiative (PADR / EDRP) and Defence Industry Development Program (EDIDP). Pekka has worked for a long time in the technology group of AFDA and in high-level working groups of the association’s umbrella organization ASD in Brussels.

Pekka has participated as an expert in the drafting of governmental Defense Reports and in strategic planning and research of the Defence Forces. He has been a member of the MIL-Pool in the National Emergency Supply Agency and the Innovation Division of the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries. He has been a member of VTT’s Advisory Committee for Machinery, Transport and Metal Industry and a mentor in the Tomorrow’s Leaders Program of the Tampere Chamber of Commerce. Pekka has served as a visiting lecturer at the National Defence College.

In our team, Pekka specializes in research, technology, strategy and changes in the operating environment.