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Serving the Security and Defence Industries

Woitsch Consulting Ltd provides consulting services to the security and defence industries, the research community, and the public authorities. Our team has long-term experience in various areas of industrial business management. We also participate in EU-funded Research and Innovation projects.

Our expertise covers business strategy planning and implementation, international standardization, life cycle management of technologies, innovative product and service creation processes, research and development projects as well as the challenges of going global. 

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Our expertise


Standards help to bridge the gap between research and market, and they increase the speed and the extent of market up-take of technological innovations. We can help you in getting acquainted with standards and to start a standardization project of your own.

EU Research Projects

The EU is investing billions in security and defence research and development in the coming years. We provide assistance in project planning, partner search and proposal preparation for any type of EU-funded projects and help you to find funding for your R&D.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning that leads to a better understanding of market dynamics and competitive advantages, helps companies in their pursuit of profitable growth. We provide assistance in the development of yor business strategy and in its implementation.

Technology and Innovations

SMEs need to react quickly to market changes, and their technology development must be targeted. In large companies, technology development ensures competitiveness and business continuity. We help industrial enterprises to plan and use technology efficiently.

Intelligence and Analyses

Knowledge is power - but gathering and analyzing it takes time and staff resources. We perform customized information searches or continuous monitoring of data sources according to your needs. We also analyze the collected information and prepare forecasts.

Going Global

Going global is a big challenge for anyone, but especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Market research, identifying potential customers and their needs as well as finding partners in the target countries are examples of our export services.


Our Team


Pertti Woitsch, CEO of Woitsch Consulting, is a security and defence industry expert with specialization in marketing and international business development. Pertti has a long experience at both operational and board of directors levels in several industrial companies in Finland and abroad. He focuses now on strategy projects, EU funding programs and standardization.

Jaakko Perilä, an agricultural scientist, comes with experience from working in various positions promoting to the green transition. His main interests revolve around scientific research, innovations, and the planning and management of urban green spaces. Currently, Jaakko works as a Research Assistant at Woitsch Consulting with an emphasis in standardization-related EU funding programs.



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